It’s a phone call every parent fears and one Lisa and Steven Cox never expected to get.

“I thought it was extremely difficult because it just seemed too real,” Lisa Cox said. “It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. So even getting the phone call from Officer [Jackie] McQuaid, I knew it was just a program but it still really hit home.

“I told Steven on the drive here that I can’t breathe — I was too emotional.”

The Governing Board of the Sedona Fire District unanimously approved an updated fire code — the first one in more than a decade.

According to a report, in 2005, SFD adopted the 2003 International Fire Code with local amendments. At that time fees for plan reviews and permits were adopted as well. In the intervening years, there have been many changes to the fire code. Additionally, fees for plan reviews and permits have remained unchanged.

Over the last few months, there has been talk about the need to replace or even move the Sedona Fire District’s Station 5 in Oak Creek Canyon. Now, the co-owners of the station are lending their support.

The station was originally built for volunteer firefighters but over the years it has become home to two full-time firefighters. But through a special use permit with Coconino County, the station is only allowed to have the two personnel.

A headline in the Sedona Red Rock News stated that Uptown’s new fire station would be “adequate” for the next 20 years. That article was published on Feb. 10, 1972.

The station’s age and inadequate construction by today’s fire standards are two of the reasons the Sedona Fire District is seeking to replace the station with a new one. But where the money will come from for that project — and many others deemed necessary by SFD personnel — has yet to be determined. Earlier this year, the SFD Governing Board approved the creation of a citizen advisory committee to look into funding options, including a bond.

As part of a nationwide program to deter teen alcohol and drug use when driving,  the Sedona Fire District, Sedona Police Department and and the Sedona Red Rock High School will be taking part in Every 15 Minutes.

It will be held at the high school on Thursday, April 20, beginning at 10:30 a.m. The exercise will simulate a DUI crash with fatalities and will include multiple police cars, fire truck engines and helicopter.

Imagine a swarm of locusts devouring a farmer’s crop in a matter of seconds. Now, replace locusts with excited children and crop with brightly-colored plastic eggs and that best describes Easter egg hunts these days.

Sedona is no exception.

From its humble beginnings to today with a staff of nearly 100, the Sedona Fire District has grown along with the community as it hits yet another milestone.

On April 7, 1957 — 60 years ago — the Sedona-Oak Creek Volunteer Fire Department was officially created by a group of committed volunteers who saw a void in the community that needed to be filled. This came several months after donations and pledges were actively sought from community members to fund  the area’s first fire department.

After a sometimes contentious and confusing debate, the Sedona-Oak Creek Governing Board refused to approve teachers’ and administrators’ contracts for the 2017-18 school year.

The board voted 3-2 against issuing contracts to rehire teachers after Zach Richardson and Randy Hawley each objected to the inclusion of two teachers, and Heather Hermen one.

Richardson said he’d received reports that one teacher had been swearing in front of students, making fun of students and telling them he couldn’t close the classroom door because people would think there was molestation taking place.

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