Celebrate the spirit of the holiday season and the 60th Anniversary of Sedona Arts Center during the Sedona Northern Lights Holiday Spectacular December 14 to 17. Produced by LA-based Paintscaping, a world leader in 3D projection mapping, this holiday light show will showcase Sedona’s profound beauty, thriving arts scene, dark skies and enchanting landscapes, making this the USA’s largest projection show on a natural canvas!

Does not knowing make you crazy, or at least uncomfortable? Do you feel like you should be in control of everything?


Ask yourself this question. When you were developing in the womb, were you in charge? Even a little? Did you choose your gender, colors, etc?

On Saturday, October 28th at 6:30 pm, the Sedona Arts Center will be hosting a free lecture and slide presentation by Diego Valles and Hector Gallegos Jr., two of Mata Ortiz, Mexico’s, most accomplished contemporary potters.

I had a day job in a legal firm assisting two attorneys a lifetime ago; a Senator’s son, as well as an Air Force Intelligence officer; one young and fun, the other serious and, surprisingly, interested in psychic Readings. They were lovely gentlemen. 

Others in the office were not spoken to as respectfully, by most of the people they worked with, and I, too, felt diminished at group meetings or functions by those who needed to act superior. 

Sedona Arts Center Presents the 13th Annual Sedona Plein Air Festival

The air is crisp, evenings are cool, and the leaves are beginning to change color in Sedona—which can mean only one thing—the Sedona Plein Air Festival is about to begin!

This Saturday marks the beginning of the 13th annual Sedona Plein Air Festival presented by Sedona Arts Center. Our community’s iconic creative event, the Sedona Plein Air Festival is a weeklong celebration of extraordinary landscapes, world-renowned artists, unique workshops, and wonderful free events from Oct. 14 to 21. You’ll get to experience over two-dozen master painters in action—making their art on location in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. Celebrate creativity with and enjoy receptions, exhibitions, lectures, and opportunities to collect your next masterpiece!

The heat of the summer has come and gone, but the Sedona residential home market has some built up heat and it's making it tougher for buyers...  Lower overall inventory of homes is turning up the heat on buyers for modestly priced homes.  The sub $650k market is fairly hot right now - with only 181 homes on the market and 64 already tied up (soon to be 65!) - so that means that our real inventory of homes in the Sedona area is down to 117.  If we split that up into Sedona city limits - you'll see only 44 available homes and 58 in the Village of Oak Creek. 

Well priced homes in this HOT category are often selling in a matter of hours or days - so if you're waiting for the right one to come available - here are some tips to help get your offer to the top of the list:

1) Get Pre-approved and have the paperwork ready when you're shopping for a home.  Our newest AZ state real estate purchase contracts require prequalification paperwork if you're needing a loan for a house - so the quicker you're ready, the quicker a seller can accept your offer

2) If you're paying cash - have proof of liquid funds available to show with your offer.

3) Consider a shorter inpsection period (consult with your agent about availability of home inspectors)

4) Consider a larger earnest money deposit - 1-3% is normal - but when you're in competition with other buyers, you might consider 10%.

5) Quick closing - if you're cash - offering to close in 14-21 days will put you ahead of offers that have loan contingencies - as they'll need 4-6 weeks to close a loan. 

6) Don't be afraid of going over the listing price.  For years we'd seen $1k-$3k over listing as a shoo-in to get an offer signed - but we've seen offers with $10k and $20k over the listing price if it's a desirable place with lots of competition.

7) Lean on your agent for value of the home - there are times when agents will list a house for under market value and drive the bids skyward.  It's wise to know where and when to stop as well!



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