I’ve talked about the August 21 Solar Eclipse several times with the indication that our lives would be changing tremendously, more than ever before. 

You, like I, probably watched the experience of day turning to night during that eclipse, even if on television. We’ve seen and experienced huge hurricanes, earthquakes and fires, realizing how it has shaken up the lives of so many.
Have you gotten your life-changing indication?  Often it feels surprising, out of the blue, even shocking at first.
I received mine, which will pan out within months. I’ve Read for someone who lost their home, revealing how their new chosen home and environment is going to be more wonderful in many ways.
I’ve Read for someone who was in despair at the same old work grind and low income, when she has decades of experience. Surprise, a phone call from someone who can raise her up, wanting to meet with her, specifically, while in town to meet with officials. The meeting was to be on the very day her most fortunate period of the year began.
Destiny and divine timing. Astrology is the farthest thing from randomness. Another Reading’s question was about their highest purpose, and when revealing that to the client, I was told an invitation to do the particular service had already been proposed, and of great interest.
Sometimes we question what shows up, and can use spiritual validation. The bottom line is to trust in that higher, loving guidance we are made of. And to know time is divine and not ours to control. Breathe, allow non-judgmental, unconditional love, bliss, and enjoy.
You have to believe in joy first, to allow it as often as you might. That, in itself, might be a major transformation for you.
Love from Rachel Star of Sedona
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Sunday September 24, 2017Noon–2pm 

Judges: Mayor Sandy Moriarity and Al Comello, founders of the Sedona Winefest

Have we really noticed how many people genuinely want to help us? Not just the friendly bartender, hotel clerks or “the working” world, where behavior is a reflection of employment?

In our God-given authentic soul, when we feel authentic calm and joy, we all feel compelled to bring happiness. Some of you are astrologically made to be nurturers, for instance if there is a decent amount, or placement of the zodiac sign, Cancer, or the sign Taurus.

The Sedona Arts Center Board of Directors has announced that after two and a half years at the helm, Executive Director Eric Holowacz will be stepping down in October to take a leadership role in his adopted country of New Zealand. Current Deputy Director, Vince Fazio, will continue the momentum and take over as executive director in mid-October. 

Holowacz, who has led a vibrant renewal of creative programs and services, will become Museum Director and Cultural Affairs Manager in Whakatane, a coastal town in the Bay of Plenty. His tenure in Sedona saw the rejuvenation of the 60-year old organization, including diverse new initiatives, creative partnerships, and cultural awareness projects. 

Whirlwind time. It’s just begun.  You’ve all heard about the great American eclipse August 21. It will be a New Moon Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo, whose zodiac traits are all about love and heart. Solar Eclipses eclipse out the old, and new destiny and fate arrives. But wait, we just had a New Moon in Leo recently, didn’t we?

Cooler, wetter monsoon season seems to have cooled our local real estate market for the time being - don't get me wrong - it's still a hot market - especially if you're looking to buy or sell something within the city limits under $500k.  The best deals go within hours of listing and even fairly priced homes are selling quicker than expected.  For example - and older 1700 sq ft home hit the market yesterday at $350k - and although it needed work, it sold immediately.  It was a decent deal, but scarcity is driving buyers to snap up homes in the lower price ranges.  I'll refer back to one of my recent blogs to say that the availability to rent homes via AirBnB or VRBO is driving part of the market - which is why sales are slower in the VOC (for the most part - they're outlawed in that part of town!)

Current inventory of residential units in the entire Sedona area:

Under $500k -    117 (38 already tied up with buyers) - True availability - 79 (only 43 are single family homes - the rest are condos, townhomes, and manufactured homes)

$500k - $750k - 72 (22 already tied up with buyers) - True availability = 50 (all single family homes)

$750k-$1M -       55  (9 tied up with buyers) - True availability = 46 (all single family homes)

$1M+ -              63 (6 tied up with buyers) - True availaiblit  = 57 (all single family homes)


Total inventory of Sedona residential units currently on the market = 304 units (74 in escrow) = true availability = 230 (193 homes)

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