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The third race of the Arizona Interscholastic Cycling League took place at 5,000 feet of elevation in Fort Huachuca, outside of Tucson, on Saturday, Oct. 7, with participation by the Sedona School Mountain Bike Club.

Four Sedona racers competed in the high school category, under Division Two. They totaled 1,184 points, slating them 23rd overall from a field of 38.

Sedona Red Rock High School senior Cole Mace took 17th in his division, which pedaled through a four-lap race. Mace finished in 1:27:27.51.

Junior Joshua Reilly, racing in the same group as Mace, was 34th. Reilly crossed the finish line in 1:43:23.86.
Sophomore Cooper Barber competed in a three-lap race, taking 23rd in 1:14:54.11, while freshman Dakota Farrar was 14th in his two-lap circuit. Farrar completed the race in 45:58.50.

Through the three races, the high schoolers have state-wide ranks. Farrar is No. 11 of 50 overall in the freshmen group, while Mace is 15th and Reilly 51st of 71, respectively, in the Division Two junior varsity group.

Barber is 23rd out of 53 in the sophomore category.

There are no rankings for the middle school group.

In the middle school group there were three local riders: Big Park Community School sixth grader Benjamin Wishnewsky, Desert Star Community School eighth grader Matthew LeBlanc and home schooled sixth grader Luke Shook.

Wishnewksy set a team record with a seventh-place finish two weekends ago in Prescott. He followed that up in Fort Huachuca by claiming fifth out of 30 riders, completing his three-lap race in 36:09.00.

LeBlanc was 11th out of 52 in his race, finishing in 31:54.04, while Shook did not finish.

The next race is on Oct. 20 and 21 at McDowell Mountain Regional Park in Fort McDowell, just north of Fountain Hills. The high school competitors will ride on Oct. 20 and the middle school racers on Oct. 21.